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May we introduce ourselves: we are Balearic Holiday Villas S.L. and trade as www.balearic-villas.com Our company handles real estate, property management and villa rentals.

Registered Address:

Balearic Holiday Villas S.L. (BHV)
CIF: B57821738
Address: Cecilio Metelo 36, local bajos
07460 Pollensa
Spain, Mallorca
Our office opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm
(0034) 971 532 221
(0034) 971 765 303
E-mail us at [email protected]

In the following text “company”, “we” or “BHV” is referring to Balearic Holiday Villas S.L. The company is acting as an independent agent, handling the interests of clients, agents and property owners.

The terms owner or property owner refer to individual property owners, the company BHV is not the property owner.

Agreement or contract

This contract or agreement is drawn up between the property owner and you, the principal guest, the person who has submitted the booking form through BHV.

The term property refers to the apartment, villa, country finca, or any other form of accommodation you agree to book with BHV.

The booking conditions below explain the terms under which BHV operates. They explain to you your obligations to BHV and the obligations the company BHV has to fulfil to you. Please read these conditions carefully before continuing with your booking.

It is important, that the principal guest who submits the booking information is 18 years old or over and is furthermore a member of the visiting party, provided no other person has been authorised. Once the information in the booking form has been completed this will serve to certify that the person is authorised to agree to the stated Terms and Conditions and that this person is acting on behalf of everyone mentioned in the booking form, including any more guests who may join the visiting party later.

Property information and photos

The property details on the BHV website are either based on property inspections made by our company staff or on behalf of our company, or any information given to us that we assume to be exact. The individual property descriptions are depicting each property as it presented itself when it was inspected and include any changes we were informed about before the principal guest booked it. However, we would like to point out that the villa agents or owners may make changes any time sometimes without any prior notification. Therefore the company BHV does not and cannot guarantee the absolute accuracy of the information relating to any property. The company will also not accept responsibility for any kind of changes made to properties after the descriptions were posted onto our website.

As and when we are aware of any major changes the website information will be updated immediately. If we are advised of major changes after you have already placed your booking we will inform you before your departure. In the event you should decide to cancel your booking at this stage, please be aware that cancellation fees may be payable by you.

Please note that certain opening times, amenities or facilities may possibly be affected by bad weather, low season conditions and public holidays or local festivities.

Pools at the properties are usually not heated unless otherwise noted. We can provide information about distances to the nearest beaches which can be either sandy or pebbled. Photographs on our website serve as a general impression of the individual property or location. BHV cannot accept responsibility for general changes made to the interior design, the views etc. since the photographs were taken during inspection.

Booking procedure

Provisional and potential bookings can be made and held for max. 48 hours awaiting the receipt of a formal confirmation and the necessary booking information within these 48 hours. If the company has not received the required deposit/payment within 7 working days after the booking it will be released.


Booking fees

We ask for 100% payment at the time of booking if it is made within 60 days before arrival. A deposit payment of 50% is the normal and required procedure. Any additional payments such as taxes, service charges or fees will be listed in your quote. Some service charges may apply for a local concierge service. 

The booking information must clearly state all visitors including the ages of the children. These mentioned people are the only ones, who are permitted to stay at the accommodation unless any other arrangements have been agreed upon and confirmed in writing.

A principal member of the party must confirm that the terms and conditions as stated on our BHV website have been read and accepted by completing the online booking details. This person is responsible for all matters referring to the booking and the whole visiting party.

Once BHV confirms a booking, the agreement/contract comes into force and in most cases you will receive the contract/agreement within 24 hours of the initial confirmation. BHV acts as an independent representative of agents and owners, therefore this contract/agreement is between the owner and the person who has submitted the booking information and has acknowledged the terms and conditions via BHV.

Please check the details of any confirmation/invoice upon receipt and contact BHV immediately if you have any questions or queries. BHV will not accept responsibility for any inaccuracies that have not been pointed out to us. If you should wish to make any change or amendment after you have received our confirmation/invoice, BHV will notify you if this possibly involves a charge.

Deposits are non-refundable and are 50% of the price of your booking, the exact amount depends on the time of year, the holiday destination and property booked and will be disclosed when the booking is made.

The final balance must be paid to BHV 60 days before the arrival, the exact date when the balance is due will be stated on your confirmation. In the event a payment is not received by this date, the company reserves the right to cancel the reservation and retain the deposit paid, we advise that a cancellation charge may also be duly payable. Once all final booking information and the full balance plus any required security/damage deposits have been received, we will send you your documents, normally 10 -14 days before your arrival date.

Deposit for damage and security:

This deposit is meant to safeguard the contents of the accommodation and the property itself in case of any general damages or breakages, or contribute to any additional costs incurred during your stay, i.e. phone calls etc. The agents and owners will ask you for this deposit.

Depending upon arrangements, you will be requested to pay this deposit in cash to the agent, management of your accommodation or to the owner upon your arrival. BHV may ask you to pay the deposit along with your balance 60 days before arrival. In the event that only an authorization is needed instead of the cash payment, this should be submitted about 28 days before arrival.

You will be informed of the amount requested as deposit and how to pay it in the information accompanying your booking form; the actual amount depends upon the accommodation booked. The accommodation and all contents such as all equipment, keys or remote controls, fittings and furniture, bedding etc. and general facilities must be in the same state of repair and condition on your departure, as on your arrival. Payments to cover damages or loss by the visiting party will be made to BHV as the agent or to the owner directly.

Additional payments:

Any additional services such as staff, additional cleaning, grocery shopping, or extra beds, baby cots or equipment will be paid for locally unless agreed otherwise. If these costs are not settled before you leave the accommodation, the bank card used for the damage/security deposit with be charged with these outstanding costs and receipts will be sent to you accordingly.

Accommodation staff

Your specific staff requirements, nanny, personal trainer, in-house chef etc. need to be clarified when your place your enquiry so that we can organise accordingly and advise you of the additional costs and if these are to be paid before you arrive or locally. We do our best to meet your personal requirements but we are not responsible for any additional services booked through or provided by a third party such as the owner. Pool attendants, caretakers, gardeners and security guards are generally at the property and carry out their regular duties. The number of staff and hours worked depend upon the actual property, cleaning ranges from after one week to mid-week or a daily maid service, some villas already dispose of a complete team.

Special requests

Please submit all your extra services requested in writing before your departure date. BHV would like to accommodate all of these requests, but would also like to point out that we cannot be held liable if they are not fulfilled. We take great care when we recommend a service or staff but we are not responsible for those provided by a third party, by the owner or other agencies.

Arrival and departure times:

In order to allow for thorough cleaning and preparation of the accommodation, the check-in time is from 4pm onwards and check-out time by the latest at 10am, these times can however vary depending on the accommodation and will be stated in your final documentation. Please advise us of any special request when you make your initial enquiry, early check-in or later check-out depend upon the owner and the departures and arrivals of other guests on the change-over days, therefore they may possibly only be confirmed nearer to your arrival date. Please inform your local contact person, noted in your final documentation you receive on payment of your final balance, if your arrival is delayed.

If you arrive late

BHV will not accept any responsibility for the problems, such as a shortening of your holiday a late arrival may cause due to your choice of transport. You may not be able to enter your accommodation until the following day if you arrive in Europe later than 19.00 without giving prior notice. The owner may ask for an extra payment to cover staff, cleaning etc. costs in order to organise late access to the property.

Insurance for your holiday

Please make sure that you and your party have the necessary insurance coverage for medical needs, travel disruption, cancellation, flight delays etc. and also personal liability, an insurance is COMPULSORY. BHV has made this a condition for the acceptance of a booking, that the principal person has an insurance to cover the whole party and may ask for confirmation and details of your insurance company, your policy number and a 24 hour phone number to contact. You are obliged to provide this information and BHV will not accept responsibility for any loss or incident if you have no such insurance in place. It is your responsibility to check any health requirements and to make sure that your insurance covers all your personal, individual needs and those of your party. You and your party are responsible for your personal documentation that it is valid abroad and you must claim off your insurance in the event of any losses during your holidays.

Documentation such as passports, visas & health requirements

BHV cannot be held responsible if you or any member of your party fail to provide the necessary travel documentation such as passports, visas etc. it is the sole responsibility of you all to make sure these documents are in order for your destination. For detailed information we advise that you check with the respective embassy or consulate before your travels. Furthermore, BHV will not accept responsibility for any illness or loss relating to your failure to comply with necessary requirements such as vaccines and a doctor’s clearance to travel. Members of your travel party, who either have a medical condition or are pregnant, should seek advice and clearance with regards to the travel plans from a doctor. Financial fines for not complying are the responsibility of each member of your party.

Payment mode

As per your confirmation invoice, you can make payments by bank transfer or credit card; cheques of any kind are not accepted. Please note that all payments must be made by the possibilities stated on this confirmation invoice and received within 3 days of its receipt. The booking will not be held, if you do not meet this deadline.


The prices are clearly indicated on our website and are for the maximum number of guests in the accommodation unless stated otherwise. The price on the invoice or confirmation will not change unless the national or local governments of your holiday location levy any additional taxes or charges which will be payable by you.

Although we regularly make sure that BHV offers the most competitive prices for each accommodation, please contact our company should you see one of our fincas, villas or any other accommodation offered at a lower price on any other web, we will endeavour to match this price.

Any changes or possible cancellations made by you

In the event that you want to make any change or amendment to your initial booking after we have sent the invoice or confirmation, please let us know in writing and we will notify you of any costs incurred which are payable by you.

Please notify us in writing if you have to cancel your booking, the cancellation takes effect from the date that we receive your notification in writing; we are entitled to charges incurred in accordance with our cancellation policy after the date of receipt. Please refer to the table below to inform yourself of these charges and dates. Reasons covered by your insurance policy for cancellation should be referred directly to your chosen insurance company to discuss re-covering the relevant cancellation charges. A cancellation invoice with the relevant charges will be sent to you within the last 10 days after receipt of your written cancellation.

So-called Festive Week Reservations include any day during the calendar week of Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day, these reservations cannot be changed nor cancelled and they will not be refunded.  Any and all payments regarding an amended or cancelled booking during these weeks mentioned above are forfeited and the client must pay any balance for the charge of this holiday price according to the terms and conditions valid when the reservation was made.

Following charges apply for the cancellation of holidays not during the Festive Week Reservation:

Number of days before departure date

Cancellation charge per reservation

Over 60 days

Loss of deposit 

1 - 60 days

100% charge of rental amount plus all extras and cancellation charge


Certain villas may be subject to different charges; these will be advised of when the cancellation is submitted.

If BHV cancels

We may have to cancel your booking if we are informed of or become aware of a major change to your chosen accommodation. In this case, BHV will liaise with the corresponding owner or management of the property to find an adequate alternative or any refund for you. Our company is not held liable for any costs, damages or expenses arising from this cancellation.

Noise arising from building or roads works etc.

BHV or the owner are not responsible for any kind of noise, disturbance etc., caused by possible road, building or maintenance work which we cannot control, and that is coming in from outside the property borders. Should the property owner or management notify us of any possible work, we will let you know immediately however, we do not take responsibility if we do not receive a warning or have no prior knowledge. We will try to help within our possibility and fulfil any need to find an adequate alternative once we are aware of any planned or ongoing work. Any difference in price will be discussed and agreed upon there and then accordingly, any additional payment is your responsibility if the alternative accommodation is more expensive than the occupied one.

Circumstances beyond our control

If so-called “force majeure” prevents or affects your holiday, BHV regrets that we cannot accept responsibility for any damage, loss, disruption or even cancellation of your holiday caused. “Force majeure” includes unfortunate and unforeseeable circumstances such as: War, riots, civil unrest, terrorist activities, strikes, a natural or nuclear disaster, fire, travel disruption, unfavourable weather conditions, changes of water level and supply or the sale of a property; all these circumstances are beyond BHV control and even if all precautions to safeguard and exercise due care have been taken, unavoidable events may unfold and BHV cannot be held responsible. Therefore, please make sure that your personal travel insurance is adequate to covers costs resulting from these circumstances incurred during your holiday and that you have the right to claim these from your insurance company.

Your possible complaints

Although BHV is certain that you will enjoy a wonderful holiday, sometimes unfortunate matters arise, therefore if you have any problems, concerns or complaints during you holiday, please report these at once to either the staff or management of your accommodation, so that they can do their best to resolve these problems. They will also advise our company of your issues. If you only report these upon your return home and not during your stay, any claims may become complicated. If you are not happy that your problem has been sorted during your stay and you decide to take the matter further once you arrive home, please send full details in writing within 14 days after your arrival home. We will then contact all concerned with the intention to bring the matter to an acceptable closure for all involved as soon as possible.

Company liability

BHV ensures that a standard within reason for any holiday and services offered as described on our website will be provided, please note that we are only an agent for the property owners that we present and that BHV cannot accept any responsibility for actions or neglect by the owner, representatives or employees of the respective owner. All properties are under the sole control of each owner, therefore BHV cannot accept any responsibility for actions, shortcoming, defects or faults concerning any property. Contracts between BHV and the individual owners may be subject to additional terms and conditions according to each property. Any commission we have earned or are due to earn for a booking limits our maximum liability to you with regards to any fault with any service we provide, we are not responsible for services supplied by a third party such as the owner or local agent of the property. BHV has no control over and will subsequently not accept responsibility for any form of operational decisions made by airlines and/or airports which may result in flight delays, diversions or rescheduling.

In the sad and unfortunate event of for a death or personal injury of you or any person named on the booking form or any other person at the property, neither we as owners and employees of BHV, who are solely acting as agent for the property owner, or the relevant owner shall be held responsible. If one of these unfortunate circumstances is a result of proven negligence on behalf of the owner, the owner and not BHV may be held responsible. We also cannot accept responsibility for either any breakdown of mechanical equipment such as pumps, hot water boilers, pool filtration systems, accommodation equipment, or for the failure of public services such as the supply of electricity, water or gas. However, we take all necessary measures to ensure that appropriate action is taken as soon as possible, if a breakdown or fault of equipment is reported to property staff, agent, owner or BHV, BHV also has no liability to mend the fault or breakdown, this is the sole responsibility of the property owner.

Your responsibility:

The accommodation and all contents such as all equipment, keys or remote controls, fittings and furniture, bedding etc. and general facilities must be in the same state of repair and condition on your departure, as on your arrival. Appropriate payments to cover any damages or loss by the visiting party during their stay will be made to BHV as the agent from your security deposit or to the owner directly.

We expect each member of the visiting party to behave in a correct and decent manner and the leading person, who has booked the holiday and has acknowledged and accepted our terms and conditions, is responsible for the behaviour of each person named on the booking form. In the unfortunate event that either you or any member of your party does not behave in a correct and decent manner you and your party may be requested to vacate the property without receiving a refund of the price. 

All valuable items that you leave at/in your accommodation are left there at your own personal risk. You are solely responsible for any for loss, theft or damage or any other security related incident caused under whatever circumstances BHV, the owner or our agents cannot be held responsible. Please be advised that it is your sole responsibility to activate burglar alarms, use the installed safe and take appropriate measures to avoid theft in your rented accommodation.

Social events and functions such as large parties, weddings, receptions, or gatherings involving more people than those currently occupying the accommodation must be agreed upon and notified to BHV before your arrival and BHV will subsequently inform the owner. An additional charge may be payable by you.

Please do not bring any pets without prior written consent of the owner, if the owner allows pets, then an additional damage / security charge may be requested.

The copyright of the information contained on this website belongs to Balearic Holiday Villas S.L. and can only be used for clients’ & personal use, not for commercial purposes.

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